Play That Funky Music

This week I decided to choose my top five favourite video game pieces of music. There are hundreds of tunes I love but these are some that stand out the most. In order to get onto this list, these songs have to be something I’ll listen to over and over without getting tired of hearing them.

Number Five

Yoshi’s Island Title Theme.

Yoshi's Island

I remember playing Yoshi’s Island when it first came out and falling in love with the addictive gameplay and picture book graphics. One of the most memorable things about the game was the music which kept that Mario charm while adding its own style into the mix. It’s been a while since I’ve played but I think the title screen music got better each time you beat a world, opening up new instruments which added to the tune. It’s one of those songs you don’t forget, no matter how many years have passed.

Other notable songs from the game: The end credits, the castle theme, everything else.

Number Four

The Wind Waker Title Screen/End credits

Wind Waker
Yep, another title screen song but a good tune is a good tune. TWW may be the game that split the Zelda community in two but I think it’s safe to say everyone enjoys at least one of the pieces of music it has to offer. I liked the celtic take the game took to music, providing something a bit different from previous Zelda games. The title screen is the one that stands out most for me since I could easily sit there and listen to it for hours and just imagine I’m on some far away island surrounded by a vast ocean.

Other notable songs from the game: The Great Sea, Forest Haven, DragonRoost Island.

Number Three.

The Legend of Zelda Shop Theme.

Most people don’t know but this is my favourite Zelda song from the series. As far as I’m aware it first appeared in Ocarina of Time so that’s the game I’ll be basing it from. There’s just something about this song, it’s not as ‘stand outish’ as the other songs on this list but I can’t help but smile whenever I hear it. It’s a feel good song which should be played in shops everywhere if you ask me. Haha, OK, some people may go insane but at least shopping would be a bit more interesting.

Other notable Zelda shop themes: Malo Mart.

Number Two.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Greenhill Zone.

Greenhill Zone

The oldest song on the list and was very nearly my number one but after listening to both my top two choices for a while again I decided to change them around. To me, Greenhill Zone is THE Sonic song. Whenever I think of the blue hedgehog, this song comes to mind. It’s everything Sonic is portrayed to be, fast, exciting, free. I can easily play the first few levels of the original Sonic over and over just to have this music playing.

Other notable Sonic tunes: City Escape.

Number One

Donkey Kong 64, Jungle Japes.

Jungle Japes
I’m a huge fan of DK music in general but this one takes the place at the top of my list. I’m a sucker for a solid drum beat and that’s why it edges ahead of Greenhill Zone. Obviously inspired by Donkey Kong Country’s Jungle Hijinx, Japes expanded the song, adding its own unique style and feel while staying true to the DK feel. The jungle themes are what make Donkey Kong for me so they’ll hopefully be around for many games to come.

Other notable DK songs: Everything, you really can’t go wrong.

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